Today, Naomi Campbell took up the full hour of Oprah talking about various aspects of her life (she's into the Master Cleanse) but O mainly wanted to focus on the supermodel's notorious tantrums involving kicking, punching, and throwing cellphones.

Naturally, Oprah asked Naomi about the time she threw her BlackBerry at her housekeeper, reportedly over a pair of jeans. Naomi said that it was not a jewel-encrusted cellphone (just a regular one) and that the outburst was not over a pair of jeans (although she can't remember what the outburst was about). She also admitted that she has some kind of emotional disorder, but that she only lashes out at people she knows and trusts.

Well, except for the times when she lashes out at strangers on airplanes.

Naomi also discussed her most recent tantrum, when she "allegedly" punched a cameraman after a reporter asked her a question about blood diamonds. Naomi said that she did not punch him—she shoved him. To be clear. And then she would not talk about the blood diamonds she reportedly received, out of fear for her family's safety.

Also, for the luxury pornographers, there was a tour of Naomi's closet.