Naomi Campbell Joins the Growing List of Celebrities Unwittingly Unveiling How Sponcon Works

I will never begrudge a celebrity for posting sponsored content. If I could make several thousand dollars for simply uploading a photo of myself holding or standing beside a product, I would do it all the time. I would skip to the bank after receiving my checks. I would post so much sponsored content that I would probably get lazy with the captions, and—like Scott Disick and, now, Naomi Campbell—embarrass myself in the process.


A tipster sent in these screenshots of Campbell “pulling a Scott Disick,” which is to say she posted a sponsored Instagram photo and just copied/pasted the caption from correspondence with the brand representative. Underneath a photo of the model holding a pair of Adidas shoes, Campbell wrote:


So nice to see you in good spirits!!!

Could you put something like:

Thanks to my friend @gary.aspden and all at adidas - loving these adidas 350 SPZL from the adidas Spezial range. [emojis] @adidasoriginals

Campbell has since updated the post (and gotten a thanks from her good friend Gary), but come on, this should be some of the easiest money you famous people ever make! The very least you can do is check the caption. I know I would.


Speaking of, I’d be happy to promote the Adidas 350 SPZL from the Adidas Spezial range. Please email me at for all sponsorship inquiries.


Images via Instagram.

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