Scott Disick Accidentally Reveals the Truth Behind His Instagram Product Promotion

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One rule of thumb to remember when you’re being paid to scam people out of their money through Instagram product promotion is to make a semi-respectable effort to look like you actually use the product in question. Our friend Scott Disick apparently did not get that memo.


In a now-deleted Instagram post, an eagle-eyed watchdog realized that Disick (or his assistant) accidentally copy-pasted the posting instructions from Boo Tea UK into the Instagram post. The result was hilarious.

Look how easy they made things for him. They specifically note for him to @ the product even though that should be a given at this point. I mean, even the timing comes down to a science! (Although I would like to note that if the person who caught this screen grab was indeed in New York when it happened, this tells us that Scott Disick may not be able to tell time.)

So what important takeaways are we to carry with us from this glorious goof?

Are you meaning to tell me that the brilliant copy that appears in the captions of these celebrity posts did not, in fact, spring from the mind of one Scott Disick or Lindsey Lohan?

That this is all some sort of....RUSE?

That there’s a chance he’s never even tasted a Boo Tea UK protein shake before???


Or that the idea of Scott Disick caring about the affordability of his at-home teeth whitening kit is a hilarious and obvious LIE?


Similarly, are we to venture that his sort of sister-in-law has maybe never really used this budget home teeth whitening kit?


Especially when she regularly posts pictures with her fancy Beverly Hills dentist?


Yeah, I’m thinking this is all utter bullshit, guys.

Earlier this year I found that Scott Disick’s rate for an Instagram post is between $15,000 and $20,000. Consider that that is roughly half of what many Americans make in an entire year and yet he still couldn’t manage to read an email properly, double check his post or hire people who can do those things. You kind of have to marvel at that degree of carelessness.


I mean, look at my girl Cardi B: She earned that check from Lyfe Tea for crafting a whole compelling narrative background to explain why she is now drinking (fake) detox tea.


Let’s send a thank you, however, to Scott, for helping us pull back another curtain on the world of shady business practices and outright fabrication. Remember kids, everything is a lie.

Images via Scott Disick’s Instagram.


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