Val Kilmer Spent the Entire Weekend Tweeting About Cate Blanchett, How About You?

Image via screenshot.
Image via screenshot.

Val Kilmer, the actor/visual artist for whom Michael Douglas does not speak, spent the weekend proving he loves and idolizes actress Cate Blanchett more than I do (which I honestly didn’t think was possible). From Friday afternoon to Sunday night, Kilmer sent 10 tweets (including one retweet) about Blanchett, beginning with this selfie/anecdote:


Then came a tweet about dreams:

Later, this one about how wonderful Blanchett is at picking up shovels.

The days-long rant, among which Kilmer also tweeted about the 9/11 museum and Jessica Chastain, ended with this four-part message on Sunday night:

I’ve never done said or written a single idea that wasn’t of the highest respect and admiration for #cateblanchett or any other great talent. She’s a friend of mine and I’ve met her husband thru the years and we’ve all gotten along just fine. Anyone who thinks I need to curb my Enthusiasm for a great rare artist doesn’t understand how difficult the job is and how we artist count on the respect of our peers. She will Back up every word I say n love that I say I love her. I would love an actor I didn’t even enjoy if he flew the world to talk about a role.


I eagerly await Blanchett’s comments.


Phaedra Parks tried to finalize the divorce from her husband Apollo Nida, but a judge “pumped the brakes [on the matter] after Nida’s last name was misspelled on documents.” Have you ever heard of something like this happening? Because I haven’t.


Beyond the typo, Nida (it was spelled “Nita” in the documents) was reportedly told he could “attend future divorce hearings” from prison (did I mention he’s in prison?), which....apparently isn’t the case.

This all sounds like an awful mess.

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Gossip Cop Time:

  • Kris Jenner has NOTHING to do with that O.J. Simpson reality show that probably won’t ever happen.
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  • A Rod has NOT “made it clear that he loves [J Lo] in very skimpy outfits.”
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Everyone hates on Val Kilmer, but my kids and I loved him in Top Secret and Real Genius, and *sacrilege!* he’s our favorite Batman.

Sounds like he’s a bit manic, though.