Nail Salon Owners Continue Protests in Front of New York Times Building

Nail salon owners continued their protest of The New York Times at the paper’s headquarters on Monday morning, months after its now infamous exposé about conditions at nail salons across New York state.


The May 2015 Times article became a Pulitzer Prize finalist last year and led to wide-sweeping efforts to regulate nail businesses in the state. However, the ongoing complaint from salon owners is that the story misled readers—specifically, that reported issues about wages and health concerns don’t represent the norm at New York nail salon businesses and that fines and other repercussions have hindered salon operations.

Politico reports:

The Korean American Business Council of New York and The Korean-American Nail Salon Association staged a protest in front of the Times building at 40th street and 8th avenue. The protesters held signs, chanted and played music (including “Gangnam Style,” the 2012 viral pop hit by Korean musician Psy), while distributing flyers to curious passersby.

The owners were seen loudly protesting, louder, louder like a lion. One flyer reportedly read: “The New York Times articles told only one side of the nail salon story. Please listen to ‘our side’ of the story and help keep us in business.”




I’ve just been painting my own nails since this article came out. I never found getting my nails done relaxing and especially now it just stresses me out. I remember the last time I got my nails done at my usual salon in queens the girl painting my nails told me she lived in the building next door to me- a new high rise condo. I was curious to know how she liked it bc I had been considering that building when I moved to the area and she complained that it was horrible and cramped and hot. I found it so odd bc the building is one of those fancy new ones with a pool and gym. But then she said it was her “uncles” house and she had several roommates in her one bedroom and she wasn’t allowed to leave on the weekends or use the a/c or Internet. I just remembered finding the whole story so ODD, until I read that ny times articles two weeks later and realizing....fuck. That girl is probably some kind of indentured nail slave living next door to me (all the roommates, no air conditioning allowed, not allowed to leave unless for work). Ugh. I just haven’t gone back to nail salons out here since. The whole experience just gives me the sads.