This weekend, I noticed the following polish on offer, not long after spying Rimmel's "Latino" lipstick. The cosmetics industry has officially run out of ideas, confirmed richly by the Internet.

I know when I go to the trouble to get my nails done, I want them to be as corpselike as possible.

We've posted about Rodarte and MAC's tonedeaf Juarez-themed cosmetics. Ethnic insensitivity is irresistible to the wits at various beauty companies, as I learned from spending some time on Stupid Nail Polish Names: Witness Miso Happy With This Color.

It's not just nail polish. Question to Rimmel: if you're going to go there, why not Latina?


I sort of get, though, why "Red Thong In Divorce Court" exists. But there's no excuse for Iris I Was Thinner and Under 18.

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