In this video, Harper's Bazaar editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey talks about how much she "loved" the show. "It was a perfect mix of feminine and romantic. But what I also loved was the fact that it was like visiting an enchanted forest." Bailey also praised the collection's "very natural, very raw feel" and said the concept was "soft in its interpretation." If she or anyone else addressed maquiladoras and the women who work in them, those passages certainly weren't included here.


Key makeup artist James Kaliardos explained his inspiration came from "sleepwalkers" and "spirits" and pictures of his grandmother in the 1920s.

"They bring a fantasy to New York fashion week," Tavi Gevinson said of the sisters.


Natalie Portman said, "I just thought it was really beautiful with the light sand the shoes and the ghost makeup." Maybe the women were turned into ghosts because they were brutally murdered and their bodies were dumped in the desert and their killer(s) were never pursued by a dysfunctional and corrupt police force, let alone prosecuted? Just a thought.

Nadja Swarovski said the Mulleavy sisters "embody the American spirit" and create "couture with a twist."


There are some who'd argue that fashion is too weak a vessel for strong, challenging ideas, and that any attempt to use it to comment on the world at large is bound to fail. I don't agree. Failing to engage seems like the greater crime. But is it any surprise that when Rodarte's collaboration with M.A.C. was announced this week, with colors named things like "Quinceañera," "Ghost Town," "Juarez," and "Factory," people found it just a shade distasteful. M.A.C. today announced that part of the proceeds from the line will go to a local charity that works to help women in Ciudad Juárez; it hasn't decided which one yet.

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