Video for Cher's Take It Like a Man Is One Big Sexxxy Car Wash

This isn't even a music video as much as it is a genius ploy by some person with a camera to film their most swole male friends being eighty-five percent naked and taking showers and riding around in a convertible. WOooooOOOooo.




[via Cher, naturally]

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Christmas isn't the only thing that just came early.

In all seriousness, though: There is nothing inherently wrong with images of sexual objectification. It is part of lust and human nature. It's only wrong when images of sexual objectification make up like, 90 fucking percent of what you see of one group of people in a particular media form (aka music videos, movies, comics). Or when you are unable to step back and view the sexual object in question as a whole person with a past, needs, thoughts, etc. Or when you find yourself getting angry when people belonging to the group you like to fuck make no effort to "make themselves fuckable" to you.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is: calm your tits, MRAs. You think you're making some epic point but you're not. To a laughable degree. Meanwhile the rest of us will be enjoying these beautiful men.