MTV's Beauty Queens: Fun, Ditsy, And Vindictive

So, judging by last night's episode, MTV's Pageant Place — which follows the reign and cohabitation of Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA — has lots of potential, due to a curve ball thrown at the beauty queens: Former Miss USA, the famously-rehabbed Tara Conner, moves into the house with them. Also, Miss Universe, an impossibly-tall Japanese girl — who had to show her Miss Universe sash as ID in the airport after forgetting her passport — is totally awesome. When she moved into the apartment and saw her bedroom she screamed "Oooh! Pink!" and clapped her hands.

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This is taken from Miss Universe's Bio:

"A self-described "modern-day female samurai," Riyo prides herself on having a great sense of independence and self, "the traditional samurai spirit prizes composure, patience and a sense of justice. It is someone who fearlessly faces challenges with a strong will." Riyo definitely embodies an independent woman." gets better. The "modern day" samurai's life goal is to "become the first japanese radio city rockette".

She says, My mother taught me that women can have it all. You donít have to choose between having a family or career, you can do both."

That's right honey! You can have both! Kick those legs higher!