MTV Made JWoww Turn Down Playboy

Today, the entire cast of Jersey Shore appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, where they were asked about their various side projects, including the $400,000 Playboy offer JWoww recently turned down, evidently due to MTV's contractual restrictions.

According to JWoww, she would've gladly accepted the offer but was forced to decline "because of things with MTV. As for Snooki, she is not doing a spin-off called Princess of Poughkeepsie (because she would never do a show with that title), and that no spin-offs are happening for her "as of right now." Also, she is interested in dressing as a "sexy pickle" for Halloween.



Snooks and JWoww looked gorgeous on this show! I want them to do a buddy road show spin-off. No more douche-y guys, No more whiny Sammi, just Jenni and Nicole, on the road from Jersey to Cali. They could take I-80 the whole way. It would be awesome, especially if they ended the show in the less obvious San Francisco (As opposed to going he Southern route and ending in LA.) Can you imagine?

MTV - call me!