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Move Over Beyoncé, Cats Can Now Afford Photoshop, Too!

Because your feline isn't fabulous enough already, professional retouchers are now photoshopping away those adorable kitty wrinkles and charming discolored patches.


From F Stoppers:

A friend of mine who is a professional retoucher (and asked to remain anonymous) recently told me about a very interesting facet of his business. Today a significant portion of his income comes from Photoshopping cats. Yes, you heard right – retouching cats for a living.


What a job! What a life! What a world!

Here's some of his meowvelous masterwork:


That last one has to be my favorite — it looks like the pissed off photoshopped cat ate the original pissed off cat and became MEGA PISSED. Or maybe it's the other way around. Either way, the sentiment stands. Delightful.

See them all at F Stoppers.

[F Stoppers]

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I must confess, I have photoshopped my Gambit before.