Yoohooooo, Florida Man who is selling Jesus Christ's toe nails? I have found your new Florida Woman friend. (PLEASE NOTE: My matchmaking skills are notoriously awful.) (God speed.)

The woman, who the Orlando Sentinel notes is known for her criticism of the Pasco County government YA THINK?, paid her $11,075.44 property tax bill right down to the very last cent using just dollar bills and pennies.

"It took several employees more than an hour to count and verify it," Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano said. "It was correct โ€” down to the penny." I have to ask: THAT'S ALL THE TIME IT TOOK? If I have more than a hundred dollars in random bills, that shit takes me eons to get right. I was like 112.52 oh no wait 119.03 oh wait no it's 112.10 โ€” you know, though?? (Nobody knows; I'm probably just really bad at counting.)


It should be noted that the woman is a registered Libertarian, but I bet you already guessed that.

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