Morning Joe This Is No Time For Corny Dweeb Shit

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There are few more base instincts among pundits than to make hollow gestures at an imagined “morality” when confronted with the inescapable reality of the American political project: White supremacists may do as they please, whenever, and wherever they want.


Among the corndogs that infest the talk show circuit on 24/7 news stations, there is none soggier than one Joe Scarborough, who hosts the bewilderingly popular Morning Joe, on MSNBC. In this morning’s cold open, instead of rational news commentary, Scarborough aired what can only be described as “MSNBC Patriot porn,” in which images of a violent and senseless mob were overlaid with Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.”

I haven’t recovered from the psychic damage, personally.

Why name white supremacy, or grapple with how what America “has become” is exactly what America has always been, when one can just play a Johnny Cash song on loop instead?



What’s bizarre is this take is so off, and his actual words were a spew of full on rage. He was LIVID and dropped two F Bombs in a row and clearly blamed the mob and Dump for every last thing. He flat out said that it was because they were white—”If this had been BLM protesters they would have been shot in the face! If it had been Muslims protesting they would have had snipers picking them off!”

I mean, how do you get that and still try to Sad Puppy the pictures?