Jerusalem saw snow for the first time since the 1990s last Thursday, so some Franciscan monks, delighted by the unexpected snow took a break from their vows of chastity and piety in order to go outside for a few hours and just lob a few friendly snowballs at the heads of the monks they don't like.

Of course there's no way I can prove that the adult men, who are probably all very nice, were throwing snowballs at the heads of their mortal enemies, but a part of me loves the fantasy of two monks hating each other and yet having to live side-by-side in harmony, only allowed to get their aggression out when it snows, and even then, in the most fun way possible.

Or these monks could just be having a really good time and not caring about getting home late in the morning sun. (Because monks just want to have fun.) (I am so sorry.)