Moms Who Drink While Pregnant Have 'Better Behaved' Kids

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Pour it up, pour it up, pregs. New research has found that women who drink a glass of wine a week during pregnancy have children who are emotionally more adjusted and better behaved than those of moms who teetotaled.

According to the long-term study from Denmark of more than 100,000 pregnant women, kids whose moms drank occasionally during pregnancy "showed significantly better emotional and behavioral outcomes" by the age of seven than children whose moms completely abstained from alcohol.

"At first sight this makes no sense, since alcohol during pregnancy is not seen as beneficial to child behavior," said Janni Niclasen, a psychologist at the University of Copenhagen and the author of the study.


"But when you look at the lifestyle of the mothers, you find an explanation. Mothers who drank 90 units or more of alcohol turn out to be the most well-educated and [have the] healthiest lifestyle overall."

The findings fly in the face of previous advice about women drinking during pregnancy. And there will always be plenty of people who will judge a pregnant woman for drinking, so it's something that you might want to do alone, which is typically seen as alcoholic behavior. But that probably doesn't count because if you're pregnant, you're never really drinking alone. Right?

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They're basically saying outright it is just a correlation. It isn't the wine that leads to more adjusted children... It's the mothers.

Personally not gonna risk it.