Mitt Romney's Binder Full of Women Gets Its Own Tumblr Before Debate's Even Over

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Because the internet is faster than anything, there's already a tumblr dedicated to Mitt's binders full of women. Internet, sometimes you are the greatest and those sometimes are right now. Three-hole punch me, I'm done!


Does this remind anyone else of those binders that polygamists choose their wives out of? Or is that just a Big Love thing? I'm gonna assume that show's a mockumentary based on Romney's life, tell everyone you know! (JK JK) (Kind-of)

UPDATE: OMGYG, they weren't even his binders! Romney lies! Romney lies when he cries!


Libby Tarian

It's a pity the American's voting for Romney don't know their country's history - or maybe they do and that's why they are voting for him. You see, the parents and grandparents of the founding fathers, were almost without exception from England - Southern England, and almost all of the first congress members were Protestant, not Catholic. Stay with me here, this is important to women. Those parents and grandparents left established societies for the wild danger of North America. WHY?? To get rich? No. They left because for about 150 years the British had been fighting non stop as monarchs switched from Catholic to Protestant. Henry 8th started it. After a thousand years of Roman rule through the church he told them to fuck off out of his country. Then one monarch after the next switched from Catholic to Protestant for the next 150 yrs with non stop war, murder, torture, herding people into churches to burn them down, hang drawing and quartering, beheading etc etc. It was SHEER HELL. When many of the founding fathers parents and grandparents left England there was the last Catholic monarch on the throne with non stop bloodshed. Why all this bloodshed and what does this mean to women. Well, the Catholic church introduced the concept of women being inferior to men. They invented misogyny sanctioned by religion in Europe and fortified by the Monarchs being Catholic too. This is the same a Putin and the Orthodox church becoming allies as it makes them strong and that's why pussy riot protested. They understood better than Americans. Shame shame.

Settlers in the US created a separation of church and state for this very reason. So that religious exploiters and dominators that demanded taxes and collection plates from intimidated parishioners would NOT RULE AGAIN.

Before the Catholic church spent a few hundred years murdering anyone who had their own religion (pagan) or who resisted conversion to Catholicism (about 9 million burned at the stake over 350 yrs - women and men who supported their rights) women had a totally different status in society. They had land, property, education and political clout. The Catholics took all that away and made women slaves of men by forcing their total dependence on men and men's laws.

This election, a religious remnant of the original scheme to win the allegiance of men by sacrificing the autonomy of women is back in the running. The Mormons are just a remnant of the original concept of spiritual superiority and strength by dominating anyone who is not a white male. Yes there are men who want all that back and yes there are women who hate themselves or don't know what the hell is going on. If they win, the whole ideal of America being by the people for the people and a separation of church and state will be lost. If you think Mitt Romney is going to play nice guy once in office you are like the Aghans who voted for the Taliban thinking they would be good for Aghans. The Taliban were not open about their extreme views on enslaving women until AFTER they were in office. Romney and Ryan know there are a lot of men out there who deeply resent women being able to live independently without a man as her overlord. 54% of American men don't have a woman to cook, clean, accompany them, bear their children or suck their dicks and they are mad as hell about it.

Romney]Ryan know they show a little bit of that sentiment and they win lots of men's votes. They shroud their agenda in concern for life per the pro life agenda but they are not concerned about the unborn child. They are concerned that men don't have control of procreation any more. Women do. They want that control back.

There are a ton of men who do not and never have supported women having anything more than the kitchen and laundry rooms as their domain. No education, job, money, mortgage of their own. Totally dependent on a man and totally at his mercy. Thats the way it used to be and they want it back. What are you going to do about it. Is that worth voting to protect or do you want so suck some nasty entitled male supremacist dick and take a smack in the face if you don't do it right. That's exactly how it used to be before domestic violence laws, shelters, rape laws, employment laws. They want to repeal all these. It's all about regaining control of women. They want it back. Before these laws the only career options for women were wife or prostitute. Vere few others paid enough to put a roof over a woman's head. Very few.

If you don't understand now, and you don't understand why it's so important to vote, maybe the lesson needs to come in a harsh dose of reality.

Women have the power to stop this. Will they? Or will they passively accept men running right over them all over again. Or will they fight like they did a thousand years ago when this all started with the Catholics.

Contraception and abortion are only signals to men that Romney will dis-empower women. Once he's in office he will roll back rape laws and equal pay and on and on to have the advantage back to all the men who want their male privileges back. And if women think this can't possibly be true and everyone knows equal opportunities for both genders are an inalienable civil right - you are deluded and don't really understand men and society. Wake up. Look around. Men never thought we would come this far, Now that we have they want to cut our legs out from under us. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to vote?