Missouri Republican In Hot Water After Tweeting About Sorority Sisters' 'VNB's' (Very Nice Butts)

Fred Berry, 69, is the president of the Columbia Pachyderm Club, a Republican group based in Missouri. He is also, apparently, a very confident misogynist.

This past weekend, he tweeted a photo from the University of Missouri’s homecoming parade in which he praised his view for the march: Delta Gamma sorority members’ butts.

When asked what VNB stood for, he proudly told the truth: “Very Nice Butts.”

“Lucky me,” he probably thought. “I am surrounded by so many great butts. It is my duty to share them with the world.”


A number of groups have unsurprisingly spoken out about the objectifying tweet—the university’s College Democrats club has even gone so far as to demand Berry resign and that he be banned from attending future homecoming events. (Okay, these are somewhat small potatoes; do with them what you will.)

But Berry is unrepentant, and explained in an interview that tweet was following up on a conversation he had with a good friend.

“She said, ‘All those girls are wearing these nice sleek pants, but I think in our day we were in better shape.’ I said, ‘No, we weren’t. You can tell by the way they are walking. You can see all the muscles in there,” he said, noting that ‘VNB’ referred to “their obvious athletic build.”

According to the Columbia Tribune, Berry made another Twitter gaffe in 2012, when he claimed that communism was being taught in public schools and that professors and Democrats would like black people to be aborted or enslaved. His campaign reportedly claimed the tweets were result of hacking.


“I think a lot of this is hypocrisy,” he said of the recent incident. “This is political, and they want to embarrass me and the people I am associated with.”

“How do they know what is in my heart?” he continued. “I am sorry, I am not going to apologize for something that was not wrong. I totally forgot we have all these devils out there looking for something.”


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also unrepentantly racist. republicans being scrum is not news