Mississippi Politician Found Shot to Death at Home of Former Lawmaker

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Mississippi State Rep. Jessica Upshaw (R), an attorney who had been a lawmaker since 2004, was found dead at the home of former state Rep. Clint Rotenberry (R) in Mendenhall, Mississippi. The cause of death is a single gun shot wound to the head. She was 53.


Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesman Warren Strain said it did not appear to be a natural death and authorities were investigating. Simpson County Coroner wouldn't comment.

Upshaw was reportedly single, and has a daughter and a son-in-law, both engineers working in South Korea, who had recently brought Upshaw's young grandchild for a visit.

"She was very close with her daughter, and with her mother - just loved her family," [Rep. John] Read [(R)]. "Her heart was just so big. She'd do anything for you. She was just a sweet person. I'm just shaken by this. We have lost a good person."

Currie said Upshaw was excited to see her grandson. "She has a new grandchild she was so proud ... I know she has a lot she wanted to live for."

Tragically, Upshaw is the fifth member of the Mississippi Legislature to die in five months. Fortunately, the other four all died of natural causes. RIP.



Future Cadavre

I'm failing to see why it's relevant that she was single. If you mean to say she is survived by children and not a partner, just say she is survived by her children. The inclusion of her marital status stinks of some archaic, 50s-era "journalism". Gosh Jezebel, have you never read Susan Brownmiller?