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Missing Bronx Zoo Cobra Never Left Reptile House

The deadly Egyptian cobra that escaped from its habitat, spawning a Twitter feed and plenty of hysterical speculation on her whereabouts, has been located in the Bronx Zoo's reptile house. The 24-inch snake was found coiled in a dark corner, only about 200 feet from where she escaped. As this is the most anti-climactic resolution imaginable, feel free to make up some wild story about the cobra's adventures over the past five days.


Bronx Zoo Cobra Found In Its Reptile House [AP]

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As someone who owns an escape snake (a siniloan milk snake, no hots in the house for me), I am not surprised by this at all. Before I crafted a heavy wooden tank topper for Fox, she escaped so often my cat became a snake wrangler. Pluto would corner her, keep her from going under things, keep the other cats away, and cry bloody murder until I came to put her back. He learned so well with her that when he came upon a little green anole in the house, he did the exact same thing. He was very confused when, instead of walking over to the tank, I took the little lizard outside.

Actually every reptile that I've known to escape, save one, have been found within 4 feet of their enclosure. This includes snakes, lizards, and a tortoise (I've worked with them for years as well as kept my own scaly critters). So while her Twitter account may say differently (seriously check it out for a laugh [] ), she probably spent the time sleeping.