Missed Opportunities: Craigslist Rife With Election Night Hook Ups

Did you look for someone to stuff your ballot on election night? You're not alone. During stressful times, many people relieve the anxiety with intimate relations. It's actually a pretty healthy way to get out all the craziness inside, right? Just bring all that election angst into the bedroom and work those sexxxxy moves, you freaky deaky politico. I mean, according to internet trend pieces, election night is a logical and great time to meet Mr. Right, so hey? Maybe some of you experienced even more of a win last night.

To that end, LA Weekly explored some of the greatest election day Missed Connections and Casual Encounters. Apparently a lot of people were looking to vote on that ass (?) and assist last minute voters in finding the polling places (between their thighs) (SO THAT'S WHERE IT WAS!). Craigslist, you dirty suffragette.


I wonder how many people are currently headed to Walgreens for Morning After pills? Well, thankfully we can still get those, GOBAMA.

Did anyone out there get down and dirty on election night? Please share all the gory details below. Or, you know, the for-polite-society details, if you're nasty.

Angelenos Focus on the Important Issues on Election Day: Trying to Hook Up [LA Weekly]

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