Mindy Kaling Says Being Pregnant During the Pandemic Was 'Scary,' Which…Yeah! I Believe It!

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What’s it like to be pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic, knowing that at some point you’re going to have to break quarantine and go to a possibly overwhelmed hospital to deliver your baby? Not to mention all those doctor visits leading up to the big day, and all the ones you’ve gotta go to afterward? Unsurprisingly, it’s “a little scary,” Mindy Kaling says.


The comedian, who, in a Thursday interview with Stephen Colbert, revealed that she gave birth to her second child last month, opened up about the experience in an Instagram post on Friday.

Thanks everyone for your kind words about the new addition to my family,” Kaling wrote. “Being pregnant during the pandemic was a little scary, but it made me appreciate all the doctors, nurses and medical professionals who continue to work tirelessly giving treatment to those who need it, putting their own lives at risk. Spencer is happy and healthy and his sister is obsessed with him (well, his toys). It’s been so fun having him in the house, I almost forget I’m outnumbered now.”

Mick Fleetwood sent a handwritten note to Nathan Apodaca, the man who went viral after posting a TikTok where he’s skateboarding and drinking cranberry juice while listening slash lip-synching to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Per TMZ:

Hello there Nathan…

Mick Fleetwood here…

What a wild ride you are on! I’m so glad you inspired me to become a part of your fantastic journey! How great it is that you have brought so many smiles to millions of people in a world just when it is/was needed.



In other lip-synching news, Hollywood Life reports that Bella Hadid and Sophie Turner lip-synched some “dialogue” from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which……… How do I put this delicately? Sashay…away……


  • Retired(?) rapper Logic paid $226,000 for a vintage Charizard holofoil Pokémon Trading Card from 1999. I don’t know how things were at your elementary school, but these cards—and the Charizard holofoil, specifically—tore the fucking playground apart by imposing a kind of competitive economy of scarcity based around the values of different tradeable commodities. Am I really feeling nostalgic for my earliest memories of capitalist indoctrination? Who can relate?? [TMZ]
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  • Meanwhile, stateside, Meghan Markle’s reportedly very excited for Baby Archie to play with Katharine McPhee’s unborn young Republican. [Hollywood Life]
  • Did you know that Emily in Paris star Lily Collins’ dad is a musician? His name is Phil Collins, and he’s got a pretty impressive back catalog for such an unknown artist. Anyway, Phil (sp?) is currently trying to evict ex-wife Orianne Cevey out of his Miami mansion after she changed the codes on all the doors and began threatening to release embarrassing info about him if he went any further. A little less Emily in Paris, a little more Orianne in Miami instead, am I right? [Page Six]
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The Queen, much like the Pope, needs to get her moral affairs in order before she starts lecturing others how to behave properly.

If I were Harry, I’d bring a picture of Prince Andrew with Ghislaine, Epstein, and underage girls and point to it the whole time Grandma talks.