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Mindy Kaling Has It All in the Cute New Promo for The Mindy Project

Here's a promo for The Mindy Project, the new Kaling-helmed sitcom set to premiere in late September on Fox. Looks like the Artist Formerly Known as Kelly Kapoor will be tackling the biggest women's issue of our time, having it all. Also, being wiped out by a strecher. These are the things we ladies have to go through.


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Dodai Stewart

My love for Mindy knows no bounds, but I hate when there's a physical gag punchline of a woman getting hurt or tripping or falling… so cliché. Reminds me of Tad Friend's New Yorker piece:

'To make a woman adorable,' one female sucessful screenwriter says, 'you have to defeat her at the beginning... It's as simple as making the girl cry, fifteen minutes into the movie.' Relatability is based on vulnerability, which creates likeability. With male characters, smoking pot, getting drunk, and lying around watching porn is likeable; with females, the same conduct is hateful. So funny women must not only be gorgeous; they must fall down and then sob, knowing it's all their fault."