The Mindy Project Looks Hilarious and Kaling-ful

Just last week it was announced that Mindy Kaling's sitcom had been picked up and already they're giving us a preview? Why, thank you, Fox! Perhaps we can start forgiving you for cancelling Arrested Development all those years back. (Only joking. We will never forgive you.)

The Mindy Project looks quintessentially Kaling with it's unabashed embrace of romantic comedy tropes and unapologetic girliness (by the way, Claire's republican boyfriend from Six Feet Under needs to shut up because she looks great in that disco top). That, coupled with Kaling's brilliant comedic mind and charm, makes this a promising show for us all to look forward to.

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I never think a TV show preview looks funny, but this actually looks funny. I'm not really sure that we need another comedic show about doctors or people studying to be them, but OK.