When we're not Wikipedia-ing random shit and then immediately talking about said shit like we've known it our whole lives, it seems we Millennials are subject to the same gender disparities in our burgeoning careers as any other age group, only perhaps more so. A recent Canadian study has found that Millennial women are more likely to face an "unconscious bias," perpetuating the assumption that young women do not have what it takes to assume more responsibility.

According to Robin Wright, the director of HR management research at the Conference Board:

"This 'unconscious bias' means young women are consistently underestimated and overlooked, right from the outset of their careers...The effects are both cumulative and costly—for young women who are denied access to critical developmental opportunities, and for organizations that fail to recognize and develop top talent..."

While millennial women are closing that wage gap, there is still the whole issue of advancing into management and executive levels, an area where women's exclusion is only beginning to receive attention and action.

There is a good chance that 2013 will go down as the one year in all of history when young people ruined things with their fun. Music?! Fucking Millennials. The Internet? Fucking Millenials. "'Hook-up culture?'" Fucking Millennials. (HA!) But while we're taking on this hazing ritual that ever generation goes through in order to be initiated into society, we are also taking on extensions of the same biases that affected previous generations. And #sorrynotsorry, but our #vintage #repurposed burlap potato sack backpacks can only handle one burden at a time.

Image via AP