Twitter Adds a Woman -- a Real, Live Woman! -- to Its Board

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Today Twitter announced Marjorie Scardino as their newest board member, what they didn't tweet was that she is their first female board member.

Formerly the CEO of Pearson, an education and publishing company, Scardino has only one tweet under her belt...


...but TechCrunch writes that the executive has "deep connections" in media both in America and Europe.

Twitter points out that Scardino's past experience also included a role on the board of mobile handset maker Nokia between 2001 and 2013. This, too, is a key detail and asset that will serve well at Twitter, which has built up a huge mobile business that today generates 65% of its advertising revenues.

Scardino's also a signal of change for the Twitter company itself, which has drawn criticism for its lack of female leadership. And guess what? Twitter's even co-hosting a hack-a-thon party for the ladies in San Francisco today along with Chime for Change and Women Who Code to coincide with a TEDWomen 2013 event. Binders full of women, y'all!


Still, it would've been awesome if Ms. Scardino could've been hired before the IPO earlier this year. I mean, if we're bringing in the ladies, let's really bring in the ladies, right?

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So we really are a "post-gender society" and this alone proves it! Carry on smartly, ladies. The glass ceiling has officially shattered.