Millennial Couple Moves to L.A. With a Little Help From Dad

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Like so many young families struggling to make it in one of the United States’s most expensive cities, it appears new Los Angeles residents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have gotten some familial assistance with their finances over the last few months.


Vanity Fair reports that Prince Charles has been paying for Harry and Meghan’s security, which runs about £4 million a year. The Sussexes are anxious to finally be financially independent from the royal family (and the British taxpayers) but could not afford their own security, which, considering the paparazzi attention they get, is quite necessary. And since Donald Trump seems adamant that the U.S. government not provide them a security detail, Charles had to help out.

Not that Harry and Meghan are living off Charles entirely. For now, they’re crashing in Tyler Perry’s mansion and paying the Queen £18,000 a month for rent and renovations on Frogmore Cottage back in the U.K. (In addition to Prince Charles’s money, Harry has his own cash, thanks to a significant inheritance from his mother, Princess Diana.)


And like so many people who move to Los Angeles with nothing but a multimillion dollar check and a dream, Harry and Meghan plan to make it big on their own soon through the Sussex Royal brand and, if we’re lucky, a relaunch of Meghan’s very good but now on-hiatus lifestyle site, The Tig. In fairness, there’s really only so much a former (ish) royal couple can do in the real world...unless...


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I mean, she takes a job in entertainment (her actual career) and she’s selling out or being an attention whore or something. She doesn’t take a job, she’s mooching off of poor old vulnerable Harry. Any job he takes it ‘cheapening the royal brand’.

It’s hard to feel too sorry for the millionaire offspring of an actual monarch and his millionaire celebrity girlfriend, but the hate crowd make it really hard not to support them.