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Miley Cyrus Shares an Intimate Moment with Her Latest Rescue Pup

Illustration for article titled Miley Cyrus Shares an Intimate Moment with Her Latest Rescue Pup

That puppy looks like he's all, "This is a Miley and Puppy conversation, please C your way out of it." Awesomely, this cute little critter is from Saving SPOT! dog rescue in Los Angeles, which is where Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield adopted their bundle of joy on Christmas eve. Adorable.


The only thing I worry about is this: I was volunteering at a shelter when Paris Hilton first started popularizing pocket-sized pups, and let me tell you, before her unholy rise, we very rarely saw chihuahuas behind bars. But after that blondster (blonde monster? eh?) was all over TV non-stop with her poor dog companions stapled inside her bag, it was all over. Chihuahuas were bought from breeders by the buckets and then when the purchasers realized they weren't actually stuffed animals and required things like food and water — they came flooding into the shelters. It was a major bummer. Kinda how like everyone wanted to adopt a dalmatian after they saw 101 Dalmatians and then, bam, when families realized that dals need a lot of exercise and are some work, guess who got kicked to the curb? 101 Dalmatians at the Your City Shelter coulda been the name of the sequel.


Point is, adopting a dog is no joke so don't let your mom buy your niece a puggle just because she saw Jake Gyllenhaal carting one around. Which, by the by, whatever happened to that dog?

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4 million are euthanized in shelters. 20% in shelters are returns. One piece to the solution of reducing pet shelter return rates is to EDUCATE before adoption. Require a 1hr workshop. Give resources.

On the other hand, after years working in this sector I am NAUSEATED at the amount of judgement and stupid rules that restrict potential owners from adoption. I am talking about invasive home checks, requiring fenced yards, income, ridiculously high adoption fees, vet references, etc. etc. The clock tics and hundreds of animals in some areas are euthanized while people squabble and split hairs over one dog. I have seen a database with thousands of potential owners ignored if they didn't make the cut.

And —- unfortunately there will always be people who do not change their oil, clean their gutters, or floss their teeth —- there will always be people who don't listen and just do what they want. Rescuers need to accept this and re-channel their energy from focusing on how risky it is to adopt to some people into how to create better pet owners.