Miley Cyrus Posts Photo With Uncle Terry, No One Is Happy (NO ONE)

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It's impossible that Miley Cyrus hasn't heard, seen, or read the accusations surrounding Terry Richardson, and yet the singer took to her Instagram six hours ago to post a fawning photo of herself with an especially creepy-looking Richardson.


This photo was originally intended to be presented without comment, but dude, I have a comment, I have several, but I will keep it at one: WTF, MILEY, this is just gross. And if you don't think it's gross, check this out and then decide for yourself (that this is gross). Because it is. Richardson is a known predator and promoting him isn't helping anyone any. Well, except him. And he's awful.

The point is, posing with Richardson is ignoring his treatment and harassment of women. Who cares that he takes good pictures? Lots of other people do, too, and not all of them are known for being monsters.


Fortunately, the tide seems to be turning for Richardson. Even on Miley's Instagram, half of the comments are begging the singer to stop posing with, for or near him. None of them, however, are threatening to remove "Wrecking Ball" as their ringtone. That's why I'll be the first. It's back to the marimba for me. :/

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Unpopular opinion probably, but this is just rich girl nonsense to me. Money can keep you isolated from a lot (not all, so don't crucify me) of terrible shit (like Miley doesn't *need* to pose for Richardson to send money back home to her family in Eastern Europe). Miley has been swaddled in the safety of millionairehood since birth. She gets to act out her sexual fetishes onstage but also not have to take the bus home afterward, or walk home from the nightclub without weirdoes following her. She's always been safe to do whatever the fuck she wants, so can we really consider her a reliable judge of predatory scumbags? If Richardson were ever inappropriate with her she'd just dismiss it and him and move on with her cushy life. She has no angry modeling agent or hungry family to consider.

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