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As protestors fill the streets Thursday expressing anger and frustration at the Tuesday death of Keith Lamont Scott at the hands of the police, officials confirmed that the mayor of Charlotte has imposed a curfew, slated to go in effect at midnight.

ABC News reports that Mayor Jennifer Roberts put the curfew in place as part of the state of emergency proclamation, issued “in order to more effectively protect the lives and property of the people within the City of Charlotte.”


The curfew prohibits “travel upon any public street, alley or roadway or upon any other public property” and will be in effect every night until 6 a.m. until the state of emergency is over.

Protests in Charlotte have been peaceful, despite the conflicting reports regarding the footage of Scott’s death. Scott’s family viewed the footage Thursday afternoon and protests began shortly thereafter their statements to the press that described a narrative that was very different from the police’s account. The family urged the police department to publicly release the footage in the name of transparency.


Police chief Kerr Putney told reporters Thursday that the footage will not be released to the public as it might “undermine” the ongoing investigation into Scott’s death.

The video will be made public when he believes there is a “compelling reason” to do so, he told reporters Thursday.

“You shouldn’t expect it to be released,” he added. “I’m not going to jeopardize the investigation.”


Scenes from Thursday’s protest on social media show hundreds of demonstrators gathered peacefully in the face of the increased presence of the police and the National Guard.


Reports also confirm that the man who was shot during last night’s protest and was in critical condition has died. The victim, identified by police as Justin Carr, 26, was shot not by police but by another “civilian.” A homicide investigation has been opened and police are currently looking for witnesses.


And, in other fun news, North Carolina Rep. Robert Pittenger appeared on the BBC and said, among other things, that the black residents of Charlotte “hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.” Please watch his mealy-mouthed apology below.

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