Michelle Obama Tweets Pic of Katy Perry Performing at What Looks to Be the Best Inauguration Party

The FLOTUS tweeted a photo of Katy Perry closing out the Kids' Inaugural Concert for military families yesterday. Not gonna lie, really wish I'd been there because you know it was a non-stop dance party. Also, not gonna lie some more, I kinda love Perry's American flag-inspired bustier with built-in pom-pom undies. I'd probably just wear it out to get the mail but I can tell you the GOP weirdos next door would be all about it. YOU'RE WELCOME FRIENDS.

So... anyone go to the Inauguration? See any gorgeous or goofy gowns? Witness any political intrigue? Make out with a junior Senator or a cultural attaché? Anything?? Let's hear the gossip, I need the gossip!


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