Michelle Obama Looks Like A Million Bucks At Her Final State Dinner

Photo: AP

As the world crumbles around us, some things still plod on — like the Obama’s 13th and final state dinner, happening tonight. Let Michelle Obama’s stunning dress be the light that carries you through for the rest of this month, for it is truly fucking amazing and so, so beautiful.

I mean, look at this shit.


Look at this. Rose gold chain mail, floor-length, with that tiny little train. That off-the-shoulder asymmetrical look. What a fucking dress, really.

According to People, it’s Atelier Versace, moppets, because of course it is. That’s what you wear to your final state dinner when you want to flex a little and also when you’re very relieved that your time in the White House — as lovely as it was — is coming to an end and soon, you will have your life back.

Here’s a group shot of the Obamas and honored guests Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Mrs. Agnese Landini. Everyone looks good; Agnese, I appreciate your bold choice with that wrap, but Michelle is clearly winning here. Does one “win” at these things? No matter!


I mean, Barack looks good too, but my goodness, FLOTUS!!!


What nasty-ass joke did Barack Obama just crack to get that look, I wonder? A lot of other famouses are expected to attend, including Giorgio Armani, the Seinfelds, Savannah Guthrie and Gayle King. Vanity Fair reports that Gwen Stefani, Frank Ocean, James Taylor and Chance the Rapper are expected to perform. That lineup, that dress, this First Family. Whew.

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