Michelle Carter Will Serve Two and a Half Years in Prison for Texting Suicide Case

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Michelle Carter, the woman who in 2014 urged her boyfriend to commit suicide, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for involuntary manslaughter, ABC News reports. She will serve 15 months of that sentence, with the rest suspended, with five years of probation to follow.

In 2014, the then-17 year old Carter encouraged her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III to attempt suicide via text message, telling him to get back in his truck and kill himself, even though he told her that he was rethinking his decision. Roy died of carbon monoxide poisoning in July of that year. The defense claimed that, prior to Roy’s death, Carter had tried to talk him out of suicide, “pointing to one conversation where Roy told Carter he regretted dragging her into his plans to kill himself.”

During the sentencing, the prosecution asked the judge in the case to sentence Carter to seven to 12 years in prison, arguing that she caused the end of Roy’s life to “better her own.” Carter’s defense team insisted that Carter regretted what happened and urged that her sentence be rehabilitative instead of punitive. Roy’s father, Conrad Roy Jr. said in a prepared statement before the sentencing, “How could Michelle Carter behave so viciously? Where was her humanity?”

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