Minnesota About to Become 12th State to Legalize Marriage Equality

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Minnesota will most likely become the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage when Gov. Mark Dayton signs it into law tomorrow. It's a good day for love, folks!

In super fun fake news joke down: The Daily Currant, which did totally trick me into thinking it was a real news publication GOOD JOB GUYZ, reasonably predicts Michele Bachmann's reaction:

"The Bible is very clear on this issue," she told KSTP-TV this morning, "Homosexuality is a sin, and God will punish communities that support it.

"Sodom and Gomorrah thought they could defy the will of God - and we all know what happened to them. If the governor signs this legislation into law the Minneapolis-St. Paul region will be next.

"I have a friend from Eden Prairie who's already packed everything she owns into her car and is driving out to Montana as we speak. These are very scary times. I don't want my family to be the last ones out."


Just lollolololololol. First, you're not going anywhere, Michele Bachmann, and you know it. And B: Fine! Run to Montana; we'll just find you there, too. Marriage equality is coming, and there's nowhere you can hide. (Except maybe up your husband's butthole? HEY OH!)

[Daily Currant]

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C.A. Pinkham

Ohhhhh, Laura. Nooo. If you see "Daily Currant," it's satire. I know that unlike the Onion, it can be difficult to tell with them sometimes because their quotes sound realistic. You know I love you, and you're obviously still my imaginary bestie, but no.