Michael Weatherly's Former NCIS Co-Stars Call Him 'The Best' After News Breaks of Eliza Dushku Settlement

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Screenshot: Twitter/Pauley Perrette

Just days after reports that CBS paid Eliza Dushku $9.5 million in a settlement over sexual harassment on the set of Bull by actor Michael Weatherly, two of his NCIS co-stars have tweeted their support for Weatherly.


A December 15 tweet by NCIS fan favorite Pauley Perrette, reads “This man... I love, respect, trust, and I KNOW.”

Another co-star, Sasha Alexander, tweeted to Weatherly as well, referring to him as “my friend” and explaining that the two had “been in the trenches” together.

On December 13, The New York Times reported that on the set of Bull, Weatherly made comments about Dushku’s appearance along with rape jokes and an invitation to join him in a threesome.

Dushku guest starred on the show for a three-episode arc that was originally intended to become a recurring role. The settlement reflects what Dushku would have earned for four seasons as a full-time cast member.    


According to The Times, Dushku was written off the series after she confronted Weatherly about his harassment.



Allow me to tell you all a story, and you make of it whatever you want...

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