Merry Christmas from Gigi Hadid!

Well, it’s not even Thanksgiving, but time is moving like sludge and also, the famous people aren’t doing much, so this is what we have for now. It’s Christmas time for Gigi Hadid and her tiny baby.

The small baby, whose face we don’t see and whose name we don’t yet know, is merely an accessory because the real star of this multi-slide Instagram post is not her lil baby’s sweet head or Gigi’s famous-mom-off-duty-at-an-Airbnb-upstate look, but the Christmas decorations, which are nice and have inspired me to go balls to the wall this year in a way that I never have before.


Look! This year’s pretty fucked up, yeah? No one is doing anything as they did in the past, and hopefully, this year’s holiday activities will be an anomaly rather than the norm, but I don’t have a crystal ball and cannot see the future. Is it weird that people have already decorated for Christmas and that Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet? No! Nothing is normal, everyone’s fine, and Gigi Hadid’s unnamed child won’t remember this holiday season, which is honestly what I want for myself!!! [People]

Bad Bunny was supposed to perform at the American Music Awards Sunday night, but did not, which disappointed his fans. However, the reason he did not perform at these awards, which probably should not have happened in the first place, is because he has been diagnosed with covid. Damn.

Here is the statement from his people, as provided to me, and now you, by E! News:

“Bad Bunny was originally set to perform his #1 global hit “Dákiti” with Jhay Cortez live for the first time at the AMAs,” a press release by Acoustyle Communication, which represents the star, stated, “but unfortunately, the artist tested positive for COVID-19, which forced him to cancel the presentation.”


Unfortunate! Hope he makes it out of this okay. Wash your hands. Goodbye. [E! News]

  • Taylor Swift missed the AMAs, also, but not for the same reason Bad Bunny did. [Us Weekly]
  • When Bethenny Frankel is right, she’s RIGHT. [Twitter]
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton’s dog, Lupo, has gone to Rainbow Bridge : ( [People]

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Sometimes I see pictures of celebrities with their babies and I suspect they got the baby as a fashion accessory. Other times I realize that’s probably pretty uncharitable because the drive to have kids can be an almost primal sort of thing that even the most cynical famehuers might feel, but still ...

I see a picture like this and I imagine the baby starting to do the frustrated grunting followed by quick series of vibrating farts that announces they’ve pooped themselves causing Gigi to yell “cut!” and then pull the baby out of that sling with a 3 fingered claw grip of someone worried they’ll get poop on a $500 high fashion baby sling to hand it to the nanny standing by to do the drudge work of parenting.