Levi Johnston's 19-year-old sister Mercede (apparently their mother had a thing for naming her children after brands, but dropping the "s") poses nude and gives an interview in the September issue of Playboy, in which she talks so much shit on the entire Palin family.

She clearly hates them, so her obvious bias makes it difficult to tell how truthful she's being, especially since she contradicts herself in at least one instance, which happens to be one of her biggest accusations: that Bristol and Levi planned to get pregnant.

Bristol's pregnancy wasn't unexpected, an accident…They were trying to conceive for months.


But when sharing a series of old text messages from Bristol (to both Mercede and Levi) to prove her case of Bristol being a tremendous bitch, one of them — sent to Levi — indicates that the pregnancy was in fact unplanned:

Ever since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I prayed to God you weren't the father


Basically, Mercede's stance on Bristol and Sarah is nothing that we haven't heard before from other sources: they're manipulative and put on a big front for the American public. Mercede repeatedly says that Bristol uses her body and sex to get her way with Levi and that her chin operation a few months back wasn't her first dance with plastic surgery. She's apparently had lipo before. But of all the things Mercede said, what rings the most true actually has to do with Track, the Palins' oldest son:

He would do a lot of drugs. He did OxyContin and mostly cocaine. He didn't choose to go into the Army; he went there because his mom made him, to get him out of the way so when she was at the convention they wouldn't know he does drugs and would think he was a patriot. It's a front. It was all to get her son out of the way so it didn't ruin her reputation.


If anybody would know about who the oxy-junkies in Wasilla, it's the Johnstons, whose mother Sherry was arrested—and plead guilty—to dealing the drug.

Sex, Drugs and Guns in the Heart of Moose Country [Playboy]

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