Men Discover They Really Don’t Look Like Movie Stars, Erupt in Tears

By now, most of us have seen Dove’s “Sketches” video wherein several unsuspecting women describe to a sketch artist how thoroughly hideous they believe their faces truly are (spoiler alert: it’s totally not true). “Sketches,” however, seems to come from as sincere a place as anything created on behalf of a giant corporation that has, for years, mined the anxieties women have about their appearance.


This parody of the Dove video doesn’t so much poke fun at Dove’s corporate tear-mongering so much as it pokes at the huge gender gap of appearance anxiety. Watch as several unsuspecting men boast about their chiseled features, only to find out the identity-shattering truth: they actually look like creatures “straight out of Mordor.”

via Daniel Extra

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Ok, I can take a joke and won't rail against this vid. But many guys totally deal with self-image issues. Huge ones, especially guys who don't fit the tall, lean supermodel type. The ones who are not "tall, dark, and handsome," or even *one* of the 3. I've spent/wasted a huge part of my life feeling absolutely abhorrent to the eye. It was not pretty. The original Dove video did kind of touch me.