What do they say about men who drive snazzy cars? That they're compensating for something? Well after analyzing car sale data that reveals that the majority of buyers of cars like Ferraris, Aston Martins and Maseratis are men, the Wall Street Journal is certainly convinced that that's the case.

Using data from Edmunds.com, MarketWatch has found that over 90% of the people who own cars by Lamborghini, McClaren and Ferrari are men. Continuing on that trend, over 80% of those who own cars by Aston Martin, Fisker and Lotus, Ram, Maserati, Rolls Royce and Tesla are still men.

The cars women buy are more practical: the top sellers for women are Mini Cooper, Kia, Fiat, Mitsubishi and Hyundai, though women don't come close to dominating the sales of any of those brands.

All of this sales data, according to the Journal, could help us "understand the male psyche, its anxieties and inadequacies" – which is why they've titled this article "This chart proves women are smarter than men." There are also other things this information could prove, or at least reveal about men and women. We could consider that men typically dominate fields in which they make enough money to buy these types of cars in the first place. That means men are more likely to attend functions where it would be appropriate to drive these cars around. We also could consider that some women might feel that it's not totally socially acceptable them to drive a Lamborghini around without feeling mildly out of place, or that they haven't been taught that buying a fancy car is the way to a man's heart, or a myriad of other reasons why people decide to do things because of societal pressures they're not fully aware of.

Or men are just suckers.

Image via Anthony Harvey/Getty