On an episode of her show last week, Melissa Harris-Perry made (what some considered to be) unkind remarks about Kieran Romney, Mitt Romney's adopted African-American grandchild. In the episode, Harris-Perry referred to Kieran being out of place in the Romney family pictures and stated that she would like to see a wedding between the tiny Romney and global supertstar and genius of fashion, North West.


Harris-Perry apologized on Twitter, and also she took to the airwaves today to issue another, much more emotional apology to the Romney family and all other familes brought together by trans-racial adoption. And she almost kept it together. At one point, however, Harris-Perry became overwhelmed with emotion and broke down crying.

While Youtube commenters (scions of sincerity and comportment) are skeptical of her sincerity, the apology looks pretty damn sincere to me.

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