Megyn Kelly Reportedly Said Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed Her

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Since Gretchen Carlson accused Fox Network CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment in a lawsuit, followed by six more women coming forward with their allegations, folks have been waiting for one of Fox’s most well-known blondes to come forward. She has remained conspicuously silent.


News that the Murdochs are planning to oust Ailes from his position very soon may be spurred by reports that Kelly told investigators that Ailes also harassed her. NY Mag reports that two sources familiar with an outside investigation conducted by a New York-based law firm Paul, Weiss, say Kelly said she was subjected to unwanted advances. According to the sources, Kelly outlined her harassment in detail, though those details have yet to be revealed:

Back in the mid-2000s, when Ailes allegedly harassed her, Kelly, a former corporate attorney, was a legal correspondent in Fox’s Washington bureau. Soon she was appearing regularly on Bill O’Reilly’s show and hosting her own legal segments. In 2010, Ailes gave her a two-hour daytime show, and in 2013, he moved her into prime time to replace Sean Hannity at 9 p.m.

Kelly’s agent Matthew DelPiano at CAA did not respond to requests for comment. 21st Century Fox did not comment.

21st Century Fox is apparently waiving Ailes-related NDAs for former employees who would speak out otherwise, reports New York, and Paul, Weiss lawyers are actively hoping to talk to them.

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I hope the case they build is airtight and every correspondent that leapt to defend him is examined just as much.