Gretchen Carlson Gave Her First Interview Since Announcing Her Sexual Harassment Suit

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On Tuesday, Carlson spoke with reporters about her allegations against Fox News network CEO Roger Ailes, explaining what she hoped to get from her suit.


The New York Times covered the interview, which was conducted with lawyers flanking her so Carlson could check in on what could or couldn’t be said before trial:

“I just wanted to stand up for myself, first and foremost,” she said. “And I wanted to stand up for other women who maybe faced similar circumstances.”

Much of what she covers has already been outlined in her complaint, and when pressed for more details, her lawyer jumped in to say, “We are not going to try the case here.”

Carlson does speak more to the environment she worked in for over a decade:

When asked if there was a problem within the Fox News culture, she said: “Everyone knew how powerful Roger Ailes was. I certainly felt intimidated by that.”



“A lot has been said that I’ve been sending signals and signs on occasion,” she said. “That’s true. I was sending a signal about how I felt.”


When asked what she wanted from her suit, Carlson replied, “To stand up for what happened to me and what was the truth.”

Meanwhile, Fox News’ stable of media personalities are desperately searching for ways to discuss the flood of allegations against Ailes that have poured in since Carlson’s suit was revealed. On Tuesday, Elizabeth Hasselbeck gave Entertainment Tonight a statement in support of her former boss, saying that Ailes, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade “consistently treated me with overwhelming respect, and pure-hearted kindness, for which I am forever thankful.”


On Tuesday night, Bret Baier, who hosts Special Report with Bret Baier, floundered for responses when questioned by Stephen Colbert while making an appearance on The Late Show. “The Roger I know is somebody who’s been amazing to me,” he said. “He’s been fantastic to my family. He’s one of the first people who called when my son had open heart surgery, not once but three times. That’s the Roger I know, so these headlines are foreign to me.”

What a guy.


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