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Meghan McCain Might Come Back to The View if Everyone Promises to Be Nice

Illustration for article titled Meghan McCain Might Come Back to iThe View/i if Everyone Promises to Be Nice
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Meghan McCain, a human being who is paid $1 million a year to espouse her off-the-cuff, often dangerously unresearched opinions on television, will reportedly only continue to collect that money if her colleagues will stop pointing out the fact that she is nearly always wrong.


A source tells Page Six that McCain “is still in talks and would like to return. There are some things that need to change. Meghan feels constantly attacked.”

Furthermore, the piece goes on to report that McCain believes that co-host Sunny Hostin is the source of leaks about alleged bad behavior on-set and that “network insiders” are also “looking into Hostin.”


I’d like to save the investigators some time by assuring them the source of the assumption that Meghan McCain is a nightmare to work with is based on the collective observations of literally everyone who has ever seen her.

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It’s really REALLY hard to be the self proclaimed Princess of Arizona, you guys.