Mega-Inclusive Swiffer Ad Features Interracial Couple and an Amputee

Swiffer is the latest company to feature an interracial couple happily utilizing their product, and that's obviously a wonderful thing that hopefully one day will be so commonplace we won't even be compelled to talk about it anymore.


In case you are wondering, yes these are real people! Zack and Afi Rukavina have appeared in other shows before, so they're pretty much veterans at this point:

Zack Rukavina, who graduated from South Fork High School in 2003 and earlier attended Freshwater schools, has been pursuing an acting career. Here he is on a new Swiffer commercial. Rukavina, who lost his arm to cancer, appeared as a veteran in an episode of Switched at Birth. He has also appeared on Damages, Parenthood,Client List and others. He even proposed to his wife (shown in the video above) on the television show, Ultimate Surprises.


Another awesome thing about this commercial? The husband is actually cleaning right along with his wife. See, Morty? It's not that hard!

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I can't seem to reply to people. So, yeah.


I think this series might be how Swiffer works in a real world sense, how their products fit in with individual families, because every household, every house, has its own needs and requirements. Cute dude is missing a hand, Leah and Morty are living with the limitations of age.

I don't see the massage as "so easy a one-armed man can use them," but this is how Swiffer fits in here. solves a problem, and — like all commercials for cleaning materials — this is how Swiffer makes cleaning less of a chore, so you can go and do the stuff you really want.