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Meet the Lady Who Keeps Her Labia in a Jar

After years of curating itself to be the freakshow network you may have asked, "How will TLC top itself in outrageous weirdness?" And now you have the answer to that question: labia in a jar. For its new reality special Plastic Wives—premiering this Sunday—about a group of women who married plastic surgeons and take advantage of the free services, there is a bizarre focus on labiaplasty. One woman explains, "I have a vagina that looks like two soy hot dogs with a bad carpet." Another admits that her husband has had her vagina "done." For some reason (maybe to get on a TLC reality show?) she saved the labia that he cut off in a jar—that she keeps in her home. In similarly tasteful decor, she also has a stripper pole.


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She keeps it in a jar? Like, by the door? Who is it for?