Meet the Lady Addicted to Stinging Herself With Bees

Last night's episode of My Strange Addiction, featured Margaret, a 53-year-old woman who became addicted to stinging herself with bees after hearing that bee venom therapy could be beneficial to her arthritis. For 10 years she's been stinging herself with bees at least 10 times a day, maybe more. But a lot of times on this show, there's an element that suggests that maybe the addiction is in some way sexual, particularly when the narrator says stuff like, "Her addiction started innocently…" Like, how did it not stay innocent? And if it's no longer "innocent" what is it? Sinful? How is stinging oneself with bees sinful unless it involves some kind of kink?


Well, apparently, it does. Margaret admits that after 10 stings "the sex is great!" Her husband concurs. I guess it could be filed under the "hurts so good" category (along with anal). Margaret is so into the bee stings that she now has her own hives in her yard, where she plays the flute to them (???), and grieves for the bees who give their lives for that "peppery burn" she chases.

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Maybe it's just because I'm having an emotional day, but the thought of this person killing dozens of bees a week to get high enrages me.