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Meet Evie, a New Candidate for World's Cutest Vegetarian Kid

Heads up, Luiz, you've got some serious competition for world's cutest kid who loves animals a lot and is also ridiculously adorable.


Meet Evie, she's as adorable as she is confused. Oh, Evie. Your innocence is precious, and I want to hug chickens with you (if that's not too creepy) (or even if it is?). Of course, when the parents get involved you kinda expect it to segue into a Meet Your Meat screening, but fortunately it does not. Because meeting your meat is depressing as hell, and I'm just trying to watch a super cute kid talk about chickens over here. Coo Coo Cachaw!

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Why does vegetarianism come off as so pretentious? Why do vegetarians seem to enjoy coming off as pretentious? Are vegetarians, somehow, people more naturally predisposed to enjoy thinking they are better than other people? Are vegetarian kids somehow being taught to feel better than other people? These are all things I think whenever I encounter vegetarians and vegetarian kids. Yes, even my BFF. We discuss it because, honestly, do you? I don't care what you eat and it's so unnecessary to be snide about what I eat. I can do without the snide/judgement/"I'm more evolved than you"-attitude.