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Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders Scores Major Upset in Indiana

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Ted Cruz may have officially folded his presidential campaign, but across the aisle, Bernie Sanders is enjoying an increasingly rare taste of victory with a unexpected win in Indiana.


Sanders’ success appears to be marginal at best, but Any Win is a Good Win for his campaign right now, particularly since polls leading up to the primary showed Hillary Clinton winning the state handily. According to AP, Sanders netted 53.1 percent of the vote with 85 precincts reporting.

This glimmer of success in an otherwise bleak presidential horizon will not be enough stop Clinton, who before Tuesday had already secured 90 percent of the 2,383 delegates she needs to clinch the nomination.


“I’m really focused on moving into the general election,” Clinton said in an interview with MSNBC. “And I think that’s where we have to be, because we’re going to have a tough campaign against a candidate who will literally say or do anything. And we’re going to take him on at every turn on what’s really important to the people of our country.”

The next Democratic primary will be in West Virginia on May 10.

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Beet Arthur

Does anyone else fear that the constant awarding a “winner” and “loser” in votes that hand out delegate via percentage points, so really Bernie won 5-8 delegates more than Hillary (closing in on her by 5%, maybe? I don’t do math) but it revs up excitement about something that isn’t that huge of a win....anyways..... Good for Bernie and his supporters. Drink some champagne, send in another $27 and we’ll do this again in a couple weeks.