Mary Berry Is Getting a Cooking Competition Show Where She Is Queen Judge

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The people want more Mary Berry, and the BBC is giving the people what they want! A new series about British home cooking is being produced by BBC One with Mary Berry as its lead judge, as she should be.

Britain’s Best Cook sounds like what it is, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In eight, hour-long episodes, the ten competitors will be asked to work on producing the “most perfect version of dishes that define modern British home cooking.” Scones? Steak and kidney pie? Maybe there’s nothing I can write here that won’t sound like a stereotype. Berry is psyched to get in the kitchen and smell what’s cooking:

“I am never more at home than when I have my judging hat on,” said Berry. “This series is going to encourage proper home cooking which I have always championed and I cannot wait to start.”


There’s a search underway for a second judge, but do we really need one? Viewers would probably watch Berry sample and analyze all by herself for hours, but I guess she needs to rest every once in awhile. Especially considering how many shows she’s hosting now; Britain’s Best Cook is coming on the heels of Mary Berry’s Secrets From Britain’s Great Houses, and another show that was recently ordered titled Mary Berry Everyday. Yes please, give her to us every single day!

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I hope it will be as soothing as GBBO and not some circus TV.

PS this tweet is always relevant.