Mary Berry Will Be Making a Show About Britain's 'Great Houses'

The BBC has announced the first of cake doyenne Mary Berry’s post GBBO moves: a six-episode show where she wanders the great houses of Great Britain, talking about food. Yes, I will absolutely watch this on a lazy Saturday and it will inspire me to spend 45 minutes fruitlessly searching for a Victoria sponge available via Seamless.

According to Variety:

The expert baker will host a show with the working title “Mary Berry’s Secrets From Britain’s Great Houses,” in which she “explores some of the nation’s most-beloved [aristocratic] homes through the prism of what she’s best known for — food,” the BBC said in a statement.

“Her exclusive invitation to these great houses will take her away from the well-trodden tourist paths. Revealing life both upstairs and downstairs, Mary will meet the present-day custodians and their knowledgeable, dedicated staff as she visits the gardens, kitchens and private rooms.

“Inspired by the houses’ rich culinary histories, Mary will be producing her own special recipes and celebrating the heritage and legacy of these extraordinary houses with all those she has met.”


“I am so excited to be doing this new series with the BBC — I have always had an enquiring mind so I know I will be inspired by the great houses we visit,” said Berry. I will be inspired by this show to want wallpaper that would overpower my distinctly non-stately living space and attempt vastly overambitious baking projects.

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I will watch the shit out of this.