In the lead-up to the presidential primaries, Senator and crotchety-old-man-who-should-be-president-but-won’t Bernie Sanders is making a surprisingly strong showing in some very early polls against Hillary Clinton. But in the very likely—you know, certain—event that Clinton is the Democratic nominee, actor Mark Ruffalo says she should take a page from Bernie’s old, crotchety book and actually be a progressive.

“I think Sanders has a message,” Ruffalo told The Daily Beast in an interview published today. “Hillary’s going to have to adopt Bernie’s message, and I think we’re going to be hearing a lot more from Bernie.”

True: a poll of potential New Hampshire Democratic voters showed Clinton leading Sanders by just 10 percent, 41 percent to 31 (with Joe Biden, who is, uh, not running yet, trailing at seven percent). Not quite the healthy lead you want if you’re Hillary Clinton and you’re planning to spend $2 billion campaigning.

Ruffalo also praised Sanders for focusing his campaign on income inequality and actively opposing Wall Street: “He’s the one. And he’s been there, man. It’s going to be an interesting primary.” And he accurately referred to the Republican primary as “a clown show,” adding, “It’s incredible, the shit that comes out of their mouths.”

Mark Ruffalo: still our imaginary boyfriend.

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